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Pick Your Push


How Can We PUSH You Today?


Award Winning Toastmasters International Speaker – Corporate Trainer- Powerhouse Motivational Speaker – Social Media Video Guru…

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“Latia Vaughan is a fierce business woman! She is tenacious and unstoppable. Just witnessing her passion for people and helping them reach their goals is simply amazing! Her gentle spirit comes alive when she is “PUSHING” you to reach your maximum potential… Latia Vaughan “The Dream Pusher” is a FORCE in the industry!”

Julie Sands

Julie Sands,

Author, Speaker, Founder and CEO of “SHAKE IT UP NOW!”
A Business and Personal Transformation Company

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Business Coaching

“Position Your BUSINESS for to the world to SEE, KNOW and LOVE!”


“When I was getting ready to re-launch my Fearless Discussions, Fearless Magazine, and my Fearless Reloaded Conference, I HAD to book my strategy sessions with Latia Vaughan! Her advice and ideas are priceless! She got me organized, she helped me establish my team for execution, she gave me an effective sales plan and so much more! I highly recommend Latia if you are looking to get something done and take it to the next level!”

Arian Simone

Arian Simone,

Entrepreneur, Celebrity Publicist, Fashion + Beauty boutique Owner, Author, and Philanthropist.

Professional Development

“Position YOURSELF to be the most qualified and the most sought after!”

Businesswoman talking on cell phone in city

“I had an opportunity to present to a few hundred people without a lot of advanced notice to prepare. I wanted to make the most of the opportunity to promote my services. I was surprised by how much my presentation skills improved in such a short time working with Latia! She helped me appreciate the skills that I already have, and made suggestions of changes that I was very comfortable incorporating into my talk. I felt both stretched and supported.


I am an introvert, and “less emotive” in my communication style. I struggled with incorporating movement and facial expressions into my talk in a way that felt authentic. I also struggled with how to use my speaking opportunity to promote my services and products without feeling “salesy”. Latia provided suggestions that helped me mention my services and products naturally in a way that supported my message. She also made recommendations for movements that helped tell my story and still felt natural to me.


Latia helped me with ALL aspects of my talk. First we reviewed what I wanted the outcome of my talk to be. Then we looked at content that supports those outcomes and the flow of the content. Finally, we looked at ways to reinforce or show the content using movement, descriptive language and catchy phrases. Latia provided input on appearance as well including considerations about how colors and patterns would show up on video or on stage with lighting.


I would ABSOLUTELY recommend working with Latia if you want to UP-LEVEL your presentation skills!”

Amy Landolt

Amy Landolt,

Sleep Expert and Owner of Northshore Acupuncture Center


Personal Development

“Transform your life from the Inside-OUT to be the highest version of YOU- for yourself, for your loved ones and for living your best LIFE!”


“I first met the Dream Pusher 5 years ago and from the moment we met she PUSHED me to “HAPPY!” I was in a state of transition: recent graduate, in a new city, and in a temporary job. If I’m being honest I was faking it; on the outside looking in I had it “all together” and I was doing great things; but on the inside I was broken, hurt and angry. The Dream Pusher saw through the outside facade I fooled the world with and challenged me to address my past hurts and to tackle my issues head on. 


In these years I’ve met professional goals by graduating law school and becoming an attorney, I’ve met personal goals of forgiving my father and rekindling a relationship I thought wasn’t salvageable and I’ve met spiritual goals by reconnecting to the body of Christ. The process wasn’t easy, but I can honestly say that I am a better person today because the Dream Pusher has been a part of my life.


Get connected with her NOW, your future self will thank you!”

Na'Tasha Webb-Prather

Na’Tasha Webb-Prather, JD


Get Ready for the Ultimate PUSH!

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“Three years ago I moved to Atlanta, Georgia to begin my new career with the Department of Defense. Three years later and I am preparing for an acting role supporting the one & and only Idris Elba! And I would be remiss if I did not thank Latia Vaughan!”


It was my very first acting gig that I just ‘fell into’ for an Easter Production. Afterwards, I remember walking up to Latia and she said, ‘Is this (acting) something you want to do?’ I was like, ‘yea, yea, yea’ without really thinking, lol. She then looked at me (with a gaze that those who have been ‘pushed’ by her know all to well), tilted her head and placed her index finger on her chin, and said (in a sincere & heartfelt way), ‘I can see it… I CAN SEE IT!’

I don’t know why, but that moment and interaction changed my life. It made me feel & believe that God had given me something in the form of acting ability.


So I figured, why not just go for it and see what happens. And to see now I am preparing to work alongside Idris Elba, Golden Brooks, and Morgan Freeman…Wow! I am truly forever grateful. All of this started because of Latia Vaughan’s PUSH”

Terrell Jackson

TJ Jackson,

Actor #FutureOscarWinner

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